Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Announcing the Development of Our First Title!


We here at Straytale Studios are proud to announce the start of development on our very first title! We are creating a 2D RPG that will feature a fully explorable world, a dynamic battle system, and a deep, intricate storyline. Though the game will feature an open world, we hope to craft a linear story that will follow the player’s natural progression through the game.

"Everybody has a Story"

This central theme of the game is that everybody is a unique person. Every NPC within the world will have their own story. What makes the old lady who sweeps her stoop every evening tick? What keeps her up at night? Why does the blacksmith spend an hour in the forest every other morning? Too often are characters created with no depth, no personality, and no real purpose. They are created simply to fill space. In our game, the player will unravel the hidden tales of the seemingly normal people within the world.


We aim to develop a unique, real-time battle system in which players can utilize magic to augment their combat capabilities. Though the player will fight with traditional medieval weapons, such as swords, spears, etc, magic will be used to enhance attacks and defensive capabilities and to manipulate the environment in the player’s favor. Utilizing magic to its fullest potential will be critical to be success in tough combat situations.

Development Progress

The background and framework for the world has already been created, and while there is still much work to be done, some excerpts from the lore of the world are expected to be released throughout development. A soundtrack is also in the process of being composed for the game. An artist will be hired or brought onto the team at a later point in development. We are developing the game engine in-house in C++, and our lead game designer/programmer will be posting updates on a regular basis. We hope to post interesting screenshots, videos, and more here soon, so stay tuned to follow development!

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